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Why Join privaCyr?

privaCyr offers a safe and private website to participate in social media! You are able to share photos/videos, join groups, create friendships, and more with privaCyr. As you may have noticed from the camel casing, privaCyr is oriented at those who are interested in computer science and programming (as we can only be found on tor), although all users are welcome.
Below is a quote of what one user describes privaCyr as:

"privaCyr allows users to express themselves anonymously without worrying if their employer will find them, like with competing websites. It's great!"


Why This Site Exists

This site exists to provide a place for users who are concerned about privacy to use Social Media. With websites like Facebook and Google taking so much personal information, it’s difficult to find websites like DuckDuckGo and privaCyr who do not steal private information from you to sell to advertisers. We have a top-rated terms of service agreement and we never take anything from you without your consent. Below are some examples of what you can find on privaCyr:

If you are unsure if your service falls into one of these categories, feel free to contact us via the contact page and we can explain more to you.

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We welcome all types of users to sign up! It's completely free and takes seconds. All you have to do is provide a desired username and password, and then you're ready! We also don't require javascript anywhere on our website! And if you have any more questions similar to that, why not check out the wiki?